Original spare parts from KAUP

The KAUP "Manometer 0-400 bar": A original spare and accessory part for a large number of KAUP devices

Proven components for all KAUP equipments

KAUP original spare parts are well designed with high quality raw material, have long lifetime and create a sense of trust, which we use, in the same form, in our newly manufactured equipment. They always ensure the optimal interplay between all components and maximum reliability and make the attachments work in the best status. Using KAUP original spare parts will guarantee KAUP products work normally and avoid the risk of serious accident and high cost by the non-original spare parts. We also offer quality warranty for our original spare parts.

Prompt and professional spare parts service

KAUP has the spare parts warehouse covering thousands of square meters, tens of millions of stocking value and over thousands of stocking spares parts will ensure the timely supply of common spare parts.

Advanced SAP operation system ensures the spare parts are offered consistently and reliably. Our professional after-sales service engineers will analyze and provide you the best solution with cost saving.

Would you like to know more about KAUP original spare parts or would you like to order parts right now? Then get in contact with us.


Contact information for our spare parts:

- Mobile phone: +86 138 060 082 53

- Telephone: +86 592 619 162 1

- Email: Billy.Chen@kaup.com.cn

KAUP Service Hotline:

The KAUP service team is at your disposal 365 days a year, between 8.00 and 20.00 UTC+8, for technical support. Ordering spare parts is only possible during our business hours (Monday-Friday: 8.00 – 16.45 UTC+8).

Contact information of our after-sales service department in Xiamen:

- Mobile phone: +86 138 060 082 53

- Telephone: +86 592 619 161 1

Your corresponding regional after-sales engineer you can find under service contacts.