KAUP attachments can perform almost any task in the field of Material Handling. This is made possible by the unique modular construction method of KAUP attachments. Therefore, with these devices, you can individually transport different loads in any field of application.

The matching accessories are available as well. Besides Load Backrests, quick-change brackets and different valves, many other products of the accessories range complete the connection between fork lift truck and attachment.

Even used KAUP attachments are a very good investment. Because the used devices are thoroughly tested by us and fullfill all standards of quality which we require from an attachment.

For testing on-site by yourself which attachment is the right one for your own operation purpose or to bridge repair times we recommend our rental attachments. We always have a large pool of new or as good as new attachments available.

A whole lot bigger and full of KAUP Know-how are stationary devices and container spreaders manufactured by KAUP. Both system solutions focus our concentrated competence in designing a variety of different devices for Material Handling.